Make them Smile!

Doctors paid like owners.

Risas Doctors earn higher than the industry average, have no buy-in, control the days they work and enjoy a better quality of life. Find out how.

Be something outside of dentistry.

Most Risas team members work full-time hours in a three-day work week, and use the free time to go to school or be with family. Learn more.

Opportunities for everyone.

We hire for personality and positive attitude. Regardless of your background, we have the perfect job opportunity for you. Search open jobs.

Welcome to Risas

At Risas, our goal is to think and speak a language that Patients understand by offering affordable care, longer hours and quality, bilingual service. The result is happier, healthier Patients, and better employment opportunities for our team members. With benefits like a three-day workweek, team-centric offices and community impact, Risas is the perfect practice for your career.

8 Reasons to Join Risas

Visionary Leadership
Visionary Leadership

Be a part of something awesome! Our leaders have big growth goals and anticipate Risas starting a revolution in the dental industry

Patient Satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction

Risas offers Patients lower costs, longer hours and quality, bi-lingual service. We think the results speak for themselves.

Quality of Life
Quality of Life

We're open 9am-8pm six days a week, so you get the hours you want and have plenty of free-time to spend with your family.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

Give back to the community who gives to us every day with free dental care events like Labor of Love Day or store openings.

Drama Free Workplace
Drama Free Workplace

At Risas, you'll find doctors who respect their teammates and employees who come together to better serve our Patients.

Fun Office Culture
Fun Office Culture

A typical day at Risas includes team huddles, big goals, additional bonuses and fun games throughout the day.

Training & Development
Training & Development

Risas helps you get cross-trained, so you can grow your skills and work across several dental or business specialties.

Better Pay
Better Pay

Start a career where you're paid well. Risas offers both doctors and teammates with industry-leading pay.


When our founder realized most dentists felt overworked and underpaid, he created Risas to provide a better quality of life. Our offices are fully operated and controlled by local dentists' who rarely work more than a three-day work week and still get paid like owners. Our most successful doctors are bilingual, earn in the top 1% of all dentists and have the opportunity to participate in equity appreciation.

As a Risas Doctor, you'll never work alone. Instead, you'll share expenses, ideas and the tasks of managing an office as if it were your own. If you need extra help we'll be there to keep you covered, so you can do what's best for your Patients and enjoy a better quality of life.

Ready to control your income, improve your lifestyle and impact the community? Join Risas.



You want to work with respectful doctors, find good work-life balance, and grow your career. At Risas, you can find all three. We only hire team players, provide full-time hours on a three-day work-week and invest in our employees' growth. We're looking for friendly, bilingual dental assistants with experience in general dentistry or orthodontics.

As part of the Risas Clinical Team, you'll work in a fun, high-energy office environment. You'll get cross-trained across several dental specialties. And you'll have the opportunity to participate in community service programs which is especially helpful if you're interested in pursuing a dental career.

Ready for a better career in dentistry where you can grow your skills? Join Risas.


Risas Business Team is made up of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds from medical to retail and everything in between. That's because we don't look at your experience as an indicator of success. Instead, we look at your attitude, life experiences and how you treat people. We seek out personable, bilingual individuals who are passionate about serving others.

As a Business Team member, you'll work closely with Patients to ensure they have an outstanding experience. You'll gain full-time hours within a three-day work week, so you can be something outside of work whether that means going to school or spending time with your family. And you'll be afforded with industry-leading pay.

Ready to put your passion to work, invest in your life and impact the community? Join Risas.